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Bespoke Baking

Special bread for special occasions

We would love to be a part of your next birthday, wedding, family celebration, bar or bat mitzvah, or whatever the occasion may be. We take special care to create bespoke bakes that are not only delicious, but visually stunning. Each masterpiece is an individual work of art. 

Special Orders:

Tami's Bespoke Challah (£50+)

Celebration Babka (£18.50+)

Our Famous Bread and Butter Pudding -  tray of 12 portions (£40+)

Bun Selection Box - 12 freshly baked buns (£40)

Zataar Kubaneh (£25+)

Please feel free to drop us a note. However all orders and payments are taken on the phone.

Bespoke Orders: Service
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